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JBCC Edition 6.2 2018

This 2-day seminar will examine the JBCC Principal Building Agreement – Edition 6.2 (2018).

We will be looking at Procuring the contract, General provisions within the contract, Role of the Principal Agent in administering the contract, Payment provisions, Variations, Contractor’s claims, Quality Control as well as Claim and Dispute resolution within the JBCC Contract. Although based on the JBCC Principal Building Agreement 6th edition, this course has essential information required when dealing with either the 5th or 6th edition of this Agreement.

The Principle Building Agreement (PBA) and the Nominated/Selected Subcontract Agreement (NSSA) are the Joint Building Contracts Committee's ) (the JBCC) flag bearer templates for civil building works. These standard form contracts have undergone several revisions in a relatively short and editions 4.1, 5.0 and 6.1 are still currently in use on building projects in South Africa. This seminar provides a detailed and critical view of key aspects of the PBA and NSSA and overview of the JBCC contract documentation, including significant changes brought about in 6.2. It suggests suitable fixes for both Public and Private Sector users.


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JBCC 6.2 Edition Contract Webinar 1 .

Facilitator: Coenraad Snyman

Product Code: JBCC-2001-WEB

R4,599 Excl Tax: R3,999

WEBINAR: This two-day training event will cover the GCC 2015 as well as the new GCC Subcontract and provide an overview of the new Simplified Form of the GCC, describing how the Subcontract relates to the main contract and what the Simplified Form leaves out. The pros & cons of this SAICE suite will be weighed and considered with the participating learners to provide a critical appreciation of the forms.

SAICE®, the South African Institution of Civil Engineers, is the author of the CIDB, Construction Industries Development Board, approved GCC 2015 (General Condition of Contract for Civil Engineering Works 3rd Edition).

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WEBINAR: This two-day training event will cover the GCC 2015 as well as the new GCC Subcontract an..
R4,599 Excl Tax: R3,999

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